Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Already In The Future

You may say to me: 'Len' (because that is one of my names).

'Len, don't you know your already in the future?'.

And yes I'd have to admit you where right, but that's not the point.

 I'm already in the future but I'm crap at it. OK moderately not bad. But with your question you have left me thinking what do I do already that is already future1.
  • Calendars, Google calendar just rocks 
  • Space phone (when it works), super cool
  • iPod, gave me back music
  • Kindle, can't think of anything more future than electronic ink
  • I can PAUSE live TV (OK now I'm sounding totally out of it. Still PAUSING LIVE TV.
These are just a few of the peices of the future that I own or use.

1Beginning to think digitise might have been the wrong word, well fuck we are hear now, press on.

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