Monday, 17 January 2011

Phone Fail

Tom Brady standing in front of a Carphone Warehouse, with a look that tells you some one has just pissed in his chips and he don't know why
Tom Brady is dumbfounded by his new contract.

The major hub of digitising my life is without a doubt my phone. The phone is the key to accessing the functionality of the digital world without the need for a computer. Modern phone contracts, for a small monthly fee, put this power in the hands of even the poorest of us. If it all goes well. When it fails it can really suck.

This is where the shower of bastards at Carphone Wareshouse come in.

I was quite happy with my Motorla Milestone until it corpsed itself. Took the phone back to Carphone Warehouse for repair to no avail, they handed me back a broken phone three times and eventually replaced it with a Nokia N900, which lacks my operating software of choice - Android. Not just me operating software of choice but the actual reason I got the contract. I cannot go near this phone at present because if fills me with actual painful rage.

Now this event has not stopped me, the purpose is to learn I guess, so what have I learnt?

1. Carphone Warehouse turned out to be a shower of bastards.
2. A smart phone that is un-reliable is about as useful as a stud horse without balls.
3. NEVER go for an 24 month contract.

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